About Us

Victor Anti

Co-Founder and Master of Design

Branch of Service: US Army

He wears red, white, and blue every day and for every occasion. Packs heat in the means of a Jedi Lightsaber and dastardly handsome smile. Master of all things appealing, useful, and unique. 

Nicholas Schmidt

Co-Founder and Good at Business

Branch of Service: US Air Force

No, he did not fly planes in the service. Thanks for asking though. What he did do was design some pretty spooky stuff and eventually design the planes those bus drivers fly around. Entrepreneur and international (business)man of mystery.

Alicia Vannoy

Manager and Director of Operations 

Branch of Service: Secret Squirrel

The intellectual of the group and the one with the most nonsensical approach to ensuring quality service for our amazing customers. Known to exhibit ninja like tendencies.

The Trigger

Gear Tester and Man of Mystery

Branch of Service: All of Them

Some say he rides in on an M60 Patton tank in the dark of night to steal old rations and spent shells, but all we know is he ensures the gear we design is battle hardened and proven.