Custom Orders

The Process:

For all your custom patch dreams, dive into the wild world of our customer service team. These troopers are on standby day, night, weekends, and yes, holidays too – if you're lucky!

Here's the play-by-play:

1. Ping us via email or tap into our 'Get in Touch' page. Pour your heart out with details – size, design ideas (throw in a file or photo for dramatic effect), preferred materials, and any quirky info that might make our lives easier.

2. Our customer service rep, who's practically a wizard with a keyboard, will hit you up with a timeline, a quote, and a digital patch mockup. Warning: each custom design comes with a $40 origination fee and a minimum order of 20 patches (though we might dance around that number if you ask nicely). But fear not, future orders of the same design are fee-free and have no minimums – it's like a patch party that never ends!

3. Once you give the nod of approval, our digital creation will come to life in physical form, and we'll send you behind-the-scenes production photos that are totally Instagram-worthy.

4. Seal the deal, and we'll slide you an invoice for your custom patch order.

5. Once you've paid the patch piper, your order will shimmy its way into our production queue. It's showtime, folks!"