Spartan Village Shop is Moving! All new orders paused until Q1 2020. Click here to read more!

Shop Move Announcement

First - Sorry. We have been very busy with the logistics of the move and not as responsive as usual.

We wanted to update all our loyal fans and customers with exciting news about the move of Spartan Village! The past nine years have been a fantastic ride for the team, but as we look to year 10 of the business, we are moving to the Great North. We want to ensure we can grow to meet the needs of our service members and focus on scaling.

It is with a sniffle and teary eye that we leave the DC metro but are excited to set up shop in Northern Michigan. Home of Faygo Pop, Bell's Brewery, Koegels, and a hard-working community. In what seems like a natural progression for a company named Spartan Village, we head to the home of the Spartans.

News to follow on exact timelines.

  • All of our customers with current orders they will be fulfilled
  • We will be doing a big push in Q1 2020 with lots of giveaways and discounts for our loyal customers
  • Those wishing to see the new shop are welcome to stop by when we open in the Standish Michigan area